Frequently asked questions

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1 How do I contact FuelValet?

To email us click here. We are open 7am-4pm EST (excluding holidays).

2 How do your prices compare with gas stations?

We are very competitive to local, branded gas stations - often lower! Tap the “check mark” just above the order buttons on the app to see the daily price of 3 nearby gas stations. We buy gas in bulk from the industry’s top providers and efficiently serve entire business campuses. Small delivery fee. No membership fee. No kidding.

3 What types of fuel do you offer?

We offer both Regular & Premium Unleaded gasoline. Our fuel meets the highest quality standards and is dispensed using strict, D.O.T certified digital metering. Regular fuel is 87 Octane and Premium fuel is 93 Octane.

4 Do I need to stay with my car until your driver arrives?

No. Just tap your order and release your fuel door. Then, just go about your day. When we are done, we will send a receipt.

5 When is Fuel Valet available?

You can request a “fuel valet” any workday before 2:00 pm for a small delivery fee. After 2:00 PM, rush service is also available.

6 Who are your drivers?

Each driver has had TSA background check, commercial certification, a State HazMat Certification and has ridden along with another Fuel Valet delivery driver until they earn their chops.

7 How much fuel can I get delivered?

We deliver a full tank every time.

8 How do I pay?

When you sign up on the app, you register your debit or credit card. You can securely save your payment information to avoid retyping it for every order. It’s cashless & easy. To ensure that your order doesn’t decline, we pre-authorize (reserve) $99 on your card at the time you place your order. The pre-authorized funds are removed when your order is completed or cancelled. If your card has expired, we’ll let you know.

9 How do I cancel a fill request?

Cancel your request through the app. You will not be charged.

10 What areas are served by Fuel Valet?

We service business campuses in New Castle County, Delaware. We are rapidly expanding. If you are an employer, consider offering “on-demand gas delivery to your employees as a no-cost, no-admin benefit. It is a crowd-pleasing benefit that eliminates a chore, saves time, protects your team from bad weather and the crime-laden gas station environment.

11 How do you locate my vehicle?

GPS. We use the same technologies used by on-demand ride sharing companies. To get filled while you work, just open the app and give it a tap. Our drivers use proprietary GPS technology to mark your spot and match your vehicle.


1 Does Fuel Valet use fuel tankers? I don’t want that in my parking lot.

You will be pleasantly surprised. We have joined with the leading manufacturer to develop attractive, nimble refueling vehicles. Our trucks are shorter and more maneuverable than most SUVs. An in-person demo is the best way to understand how unobtrusive Fuel Valet can be.

2 How do I know Fuel Valet is safe?

We have an obsessive focus on safety. We have a perfect safety record, best-in-class liability insurance, and all local & regional permits required everywhere we do business. Each driver is TSA cleared, Commercially Licensed and has HazMat certification.

3 When is the Fuel Valet service available?

We’re truly on-demand, every day. On most campuses, Fuel Valet is open every workday from 8am to 4pm. We work with your facilities managers to accomodate your employee work patterns (i.e., the morning, lunch hour and EOB rush).